mixed media thumbnails of Terry Kreuzer artwork

Mixed Media / Assemblage

Growing up in a family of “collectors,” the process of scavenging materials & objects that reference a personal experience or trigger fragments of a memory or thought is extremely important to my art-making process as it was to my childhood, hence mixed media assemblage.

Utilizing a figurative reference in scale and structure, I synthesize my personal perspective into a visual layering of imagery, objects & materials that decipher or trigger universal metaphors. Metaphors that bridge or decode our collective postmodern world and what it means to be human but presented in a playful, irreverent manner with humor and a quirky visual of design elements.

I want the viewer to suspend their reality, channel our shared human experience and visually grasp the complexity of the human condition and psyche to hopefully trigger self-examination.


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Mixed Media Landscapes

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress